Transform your devices with innovative and reliable firmware development

Technosoft’s experts blend creativity with technical expertise to provide high-performance and reliable firmware which enhances your user experience. From customized firmware design per hardware specifications to seamless integration, Technosoft’s experts have it all figured out!

Technosoft focuses on improving and streamlining business operations through quality firmware development services that assist hardware in starting up, communicating with other devices, and performing basic input/output tasks. Our innovative firmware solutions will help to enhance user experience, improve functionality and efficiency, and elevate your device’s potential.

Transform your devices with innovative and reliable firmware development

Technosoft’s Expertise in Firmware Development

Our adept team of firmware developers will assist your business to ensure that the firmware perfectly aligns with hardware specifications to meet the highest quality. Our team will support your business throughout the firmware development services, from design and development to testing and integration.

Technosoft’s Expertise in Firmware Development

Technosoft’s Firmware Development Services

System Architecture System Architecture

Architecture describes persistent features, and it is difficult to change. Technosoft experts design firmware system architecture by carefully considering the product’s intended and permissible uses. The firmware architecture delves deeper to reveal subsystem-level building blocks like device drivers, RTOS, middleware, and significant application components.

Design & Development Design & Development

Technosoft firmware developers start with a hardware design document outlining the system requirements and specifications. The hardware platform provides microcontrollers, memory, interfaces, and other hardware components to develop embedded systems.

RTOS/ OS/ Bare Metal Applications RTOS/ OS/ Bare Metal Applications

Technosoft firmware developers have extensive hands-on experience in firmware development services for real-time applications. Our experts have worked with real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as FreeRTOS, Zephyr, ThreadX, RTEMS, LiteOS, and NuttX. RTOS significantly accelerates the firmware development process.

Porting & Optimization Porting & Optimization

Porting in firmware development entails making the necessary changes to enable the firmware to run on a target platform other than the one for which it was originally designed. Firmware optimization aims to improve the firmware’s performance, efficiency, and resource utilization. It entails locating bottlenecks, reducing code size, increasing execution speed, and reducing resource consumption.

BSP/Device Drivers BSP/Device Drivers

Technosoft provides BSP and device driver development services for various platforms and processor architectures. The Technosoft firmware developers team is well-versed in system software, hardware, and the operating system’s internals. We analyze custom hardware and develop the software package to optimize the development and deployment processes.

System Integration & Security System Integration & Security

It is challenging to properly secure firmware without a dedicated solution because it sits beneath software. Technosoft’s firmware developers take security seriously when creating firmware because implementing such a solution can have several advantages for a manufacturer of IoT devices, including device security manager, expanded market reach, and regulatory compliance.

Technosoft Firmware Development Process

Technosoft Firmware Developers follow a four-step firmware development process described as follows:

Defining the System Specifications

Defining the System Specifications

The system specification defines the product’s hardware and software requirements. This step defines system features, functionality, performance requirements, and other specifications to create an effective system design.

Create a Hardware Platform

Create a Hardware Platform

Microcontrollers, memory, interfaces, and other hardware components are provided by the hardware platform to develop embedded systems. Additionally, it offers platform designs like blueprints, layouts, and bills of materials.

Developing the Software System

Developing the Software System

Technosoft firmware developers use operating systems and middleware to develop embedded system applications such as firmware or software applications.

Designing the Final Product

Designing the Final Product

The final step in the Technosoft firmware development process is to design the product using well-defined hardware processes like functional specifications, technical specifications, functional specifications document (FSD), chip design documents (CDD), environmental specification document (ESD), bill-of-materials (BOM), and so on

Languages used by Technosoft Experts for Firmware Development

Technosoft is one of the best Firmware development companies, and for better results, it employs the following Firmware development languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • Assembly
  • Python

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Technosoft is more than just a firmware development company. We are a global embedded system engineering service provider with an expertise in providing high-quality system engineering solutions, design services, embedded systems, IoT, and other services at a reasonable cost and with the highest efficiency. Furthermore, you can be certain that our solutions are top-tier in terms of industry advances and devices and that all of the requirements for its upkeep are met.

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