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Technosoft pioneers the integration of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) to revolutionize material handling and logistics. Our solutions blend advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation to enhance operational efficiency. AGVs follow predefined paths, optimizing routine tasks, while AMRs offer flexibility in dynamic environments.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses with streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs. From smart factories to warehouses, Technosoft’s AGVs and AMRs pave the way for the future of autonomous logistics.

AGV’s & AMR’s

Key Features

Path Optimization Path Optimization

AGVs efficiently navigate predefined routes, while AMRs adapt to dynamic environments, optimizing paths for flexible operations.

Automation Integration Automation Integration

Seamlessly integrate AGVs and AMRs with existing automation systems for synchronized and streamlined material handling processes.

Real-time Monitoring Real-time Monitoring

Enable real-time monitoring and control of AGVs and AMRs through advanced sensors and connectivity, enhancing visibility into operations.

Task Flexibility Task Flexibility

AMRs excel in handling diverse tasks, adapting to changes in demand, and providing scalability for evolving operational requirements.

Collaborative Operation Collaborative Operation

Facilitate collaborative operations where AGVs and AMRs work alongside human operators, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Smart Navigation Smart Navigation

AGVs utilize precision navigation technologies, while AMRs employ advanced sensors, cameras, and AI algorithms for intelligent, obstacle-aware navigation.

Payload Versatility Payload Versatility

AGVs and AMRs accommodate a range of payloads, allowing for the transport of various items, ensuring adaptability to different operational needs.

Safety Features Safety Features

Implement advanced safety features such as obstacle detection, emergency braking, and collision avoidance to ensure a secure working environment.

Scalability Scalability

Easily scale AGV and AMR fleets to meet the growing demands of material handling operations without significant disruptions.

Data-driven Insights Data-driven Insights

Leverage data analytics to gather insights on operational performance, efficiency, and potential areas for optimization within AGV and AMR operations.

Our Services

Consultation And Assessment

Consultation and Assessment

Initial consultation to understand the facility’s requirements and conduct an operational assessment to determine the suitability of AGVs or AMRs.

Customization And System Design

Customization and System Design

Tailored design and customization of AGV or AMR systems based on the specific needs of the facility, including payload capacity, navigation requirements, and integration with existing systems.

Integration With Existing Systems

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration of AGVs or AMRs with existing warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and other automation technologies.

Navigation System Implementation

Navigation System Implementation

Deployment of advanced navigation systems for AGVs and AMRs, including laser guidance, LiDAR, vision systems, and adaptive algorithms for precise and efficient navigation.

Path Planning And Mapping

Path Planning and Mapping

Development of detailed path planning and mapping for AGVs, defining routes and waypoints to optimize material flow. For AMRs, implementation of dynamic path adjustments based on real-time conditions.

Safety Features Implementation

Safety Features Implementation

Integration of comprehensive safety features, such as obstacle detection, emergency braking, and collision avoidance systems, to ensure a secure working environment alongside human operators.

Monitoring And Analytics

Monitoring and Analytics

Establishment of real-time monitoring systems to track AGV and AMR movements, collecting data for performance analysis and operational optimization.

Maintenance And Support Services

Maintenance and Support Services

Provision of regular maintenance services to keep AGVs and AMRs in optimal condition, reducing downtime and ensuring long-term reliability. Ongoing support services for issue resolution.

Scalability Planning

Scalability Planning

Development of scalability plans to accommodate future growth, allowing for the expansion or adjustment of AGV and AMR fleets based on changing operational needs.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Implementation of continuous improvement initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of AGV and AMR operations over time.

Why Technosoft for AGVs & AMRs?

Expertise in Automated Solutions

Expertise in Automated Solutions

Technosoft possesses extensive experience and expertise in designing, implementing, and optimizing automated solutions, including AGVs and AMRs.

Collaboration with Leading Providers

Collaboration with Leading Providers

We collaborate with industry-leading AGV and AMR technology providers, ensuring access to cutting-edge and reliable automation technologies.

Global Partnership Network

Global Partnership Network

As part of our global partnership network, we connect with leading industry providers, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in AGVs and AMRs.

Safety First Approach

Safety First Approach

We prioritize safety in AGV and AMR operations, incorporating advanced safety features, obstacle detection, and collision avoidance systems to create a secure working environment.

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