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Welcome to Technosoft’s Electrical Design Services, a cornerstone of our Plant Engineering solutions. With a focus on seamless integration and optimal performance, our expertise encompasses a wide range of electrical design disciplines. From meticulous Power Distribution System Design to precise Electrical Equipment Sizing & Layout, we offer tailored end-to-end solutions for your industrial facilities. Our services also include ELV System Design, Lighting Calculation & Layout, Raceway Layout, and Cable Interconnection Schedules. With advanced Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis, we ensure efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance in every project. Trust Technosoft as your partner for Electrical Design in Plant Engineering, and elevate your operations to achieve unparalleled success.

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Our Electrical Design Services Expertise

  • Power Distribution System Design: Our team specializes in designing efficient and reliable power distribution systems tailored to your facility's needs, ensuring seamless electricity supply.
  • Electrical Equipment Sizing & Layout: We meticulously size and layout electrical equipment to optimize functionality and space utilization, enhancing overall performance.
  • ELV System Design: From security to communication systems, we design low-voltage systems that prioritize safety, efficiency, and connectivity.
  • Lighting Calculation & Layout: Our experts create lighting designs that balance functionality and aesthetics, utilizing precise calculations to optimize illumination and energy efficiency.
  • Raceway Layout: We design raceway systems that efficiently route electrical cables, maximizing organization and minimizing interference.
  • Cable Interconnection Schedules: Our detailed schedules ensure accurate interconnection of cables, facilitating smooth installation and maintenance processes.
  • Load Flow & Short Circuit Analysis: Using advanced techniques, we analyze load flow and short circuits to ensure system reliability and safety compliance.

Experience excellence in Electrical Design with Technosoft. Let us empower your projects with precision and innovation.

Industries We Serve

  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
    Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Digital Manufacturing
    Digital Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage

Why Choose Technosoft for Electrical Design?

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our skilled professionals specialize in electrical design, providing custom solutions for different industries.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We focus on innovation, using advanced technologies to make projects more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly.

We are your trusted source for comprehensive engineering solutions.
Partner with us for excellence in every aspect of your project.

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