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Technosoft is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, driving efficiency and environmental consciousness in the energy sector. With expertise spanning energy audits, management systems, and renewable solutions like solar, gas, and wind, we drive efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Our comprehensive approach covers energy generation, transmission, distribution, and utility sectors, ensuring seamless integration and optimization. Utilizing smart metering and charging infrastructure, we empower clients to monitor and manage energy consumption, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Technosoft automates the monitoring of electricity, gas, and water consumption, aiding emissions reduction. With expertise in AMI, AMR, and connectivity solutions we ensure comprehensive smart metering solutions. Additionally, we excel in energy-efficient product design and storage solutions, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. We also provide solutioning and remediation services, addressing any challenges that may arise in energy management systems.

From data center power management to procurement support, we deliver exceptional results. We understand the importance of reliable, sustainable energy solutions and aim to exceed expectations in every project. Join us in shaping the energy future with Technosoft Engineering, creating a more sustainable world for future generations.


Empowering Industries Through Innovative Solutions​

Consulting Consulting​
Sustainability​ Sustainability​
Metering &​ System Integration​ Metering &​ System Integration​
Utilities Utilities

Areas Of Expertise​

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Renewal Energy (Solar, Gas & Wind)
  • Smart Metering & Charging Infrastructure​
  • Solutioning & Remediation
  • Energy Efficient Product Design & Storage Solutions
  • Data Center Power Management
  • Procurement Support
  • Energy Generation, Transmission,Distribution & Utility
Areas Of Expertise​

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