Publishing and Learning Management Services to Help You Ace Your Game

We understand how important your educational needs are for your business. Our experienced writers, editors, and designers can work with you to create engaging and informative content that meets your specific requirements. Here’s a brief overview of our services:


Content Creation Content Creation

Our content creation services are perfect for those who need custom educational materials. Whether it’s a textbook, an online course, or a training manual, our team can help you create engaging, informative content tailored to your needs.

Digital Publishing Digital Publishing

We can help you convert your existing print materials into digital formats such as eBooks, interactive PDFs, and digital content for websites and mobile devices. This makes it easier for learners to access your materials anytime, anywhere.

Editing and Formatting Editing and Formatting

Our editors and designers can edit, format, and design your content to ensure it meets the highest quality and visually appealing standards. We understand the importance of presenting your content in the best possible way.

Learning Management System (LMS) Development Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Our Learning Management System solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. We can help you develop a custom LMS with features such as online course creation, tracking, reporting, and assessments. Our goal is to help you create an effective and efficient learning environment.

Content Management Content Management

We can help you manage your educational content, including organizing and storing it, tracking changes, and version control. Our content management services help you focus on creating engaging and informative content while we handle the details.

Instructional Design Instructional Design

Our team of instructional designers can help you create effective and engaging instructional materials that are designed to help learners achieve their learning objectives. We use the latest research-based methods to ensure your materials are effective and engaging.

Assessment and Evaluation Assessment and Evaluation

To examine the efficacy of your instructional materials and learning programs, we can assist you in designing and implementing assessment and evaluation systems. This guarantees that your learners are utilizing your content effectively and that you can make informed decisions about future development with certainty.

Our Workflow

At Technosoft, we follow a well-defined workflow to provide our Publishing & Learning Management Services. Here’s a brief overview of our workflow:

Understanding Client Requirements

Understanding Client Requirements

We start by understanding our client’s requirements, including the educational content they want to create, their target audience, and their learning objectives.



Based on the client’s requirements, we develop a project plan that includes timelines, milestones, and the team’s responsibilities. We collaborate closely with the client to ensure that the plan meets their needs.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our writers, editors, and designers work together to create high-quality educational content that meets the client’s specifications. We use the latest research-based methods to ensure the content is effective and engaging.

Review And Approval

Review and Approval

Once the content is created, it goes through a review and approval process. This ensures that the content meets the highest quality standards and is error-free.

Formatting And Design

Formatting and Design

Our designers work on formatting and designing the content to ensure it is visually appealing and readable. We use the latest design tools and techniques to create a professional and polished final content piece.



Once the content is complete, we publish it in the desired format, whether print or digital. We can convert print materials into digital formats, such as eBooks, interactive PDFs, and content for websites and mobile devices.


Here are the tools we use to create high-quality educational materials at Technosoft:

  • Articulate 360
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Presenter
  • Rise 360
  • iSpring Suite

We constantly explore new and innovative tools to assist our clients with the best possible services.

Uncertain About Where to Begin?

Technosoft excels in the field of eLearning, offering comprehensive solutions to our esteemed clients. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end eLearning services, with a track record of successfully assisting our customers.

  • Transforming PDF Training Manuals/PPT presentations or SME notes into an interactive E-Learning course
  • Transforming Videos into Engaging E-Learning experience for your learners
  • Modifying Conventional Classroom Training Materials for consistent knowledge transfer among your employees, customers, and partners

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