MachTek Smart Hard Hat

With manufacturing and construction Safety Helmet ushering in a new horizon, it also possess significant challenges to business managers for project & resource management. With the growing need of working remotely, tracking productivity and managing resources better becomes crucial for supervisors. Thus, making remote monitoring through use of technology, more essential than ever.

Presenting the “MächTek Smart Hard Hat”, an IoT enabled solution aimed to take worker productivity and safety to the next level. This is a smart & sophisticated safety helmet that enables remote monitoring of workers, while opening an effective channel of communication.

An interactive web-based portal and mobile app, provides insights on worker productivity, environmental safety, health and other key aspects.

Primary Features


Key Benefits

  • Minimizes physical interaction and maintains social distancing at worksite
  • Real-time alerts
  • Reduced supervision costs
  • Secure & Scalable solution

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