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Did you know that quite often, a replacement part ordered is not the right one and ends up getting re-ordered? So much of time, money and energy are wasted on the phone with customer service to ensure you have the right part. Ever wished it was easier and quicker for your customers to identify and order them?

Technosoft is here to change this by making identifying and ordering the 3D Parts Manual Catalog much more efficient and seamless with our Interactive Spare Parts Catalog, Interactive 3D Spare Parts Catalog and Interactive Replacement Parts Manual. It is a web-based eCommerce platform that allows manufacturers, OEMs, and distributors to create 3D Parts Manuals for their equipment with minimal training. With this solution, not only do your customers have access to the specific products purchased, but also the ability to interact with the entire product to identify and order replacement parts.

For Manufacturers, OEMs and Distributors:

  • Digitize your service manuals to an Online Parts Manual
  • A one stop shop for customers for all part needs
  • With our 3D Parts Catalog Portal, it now becomes easier than ever to manage different versions of your parts and assemblies
  • By providing you with the ability to sell online, we give you complete control of your supply chain on your fingertips.

How it works:

All you need to do is provide us with your assembly drawings and models that needs to be included in the manual. Using our proprietary tools, we convert the input files into a web friendly format and map the 3D Parts Catalog Portal lists to the drawing.

Interactive eParts Manual Process

Primary Features


Key Benefits

  • Minimize incorrect orders. Save Time and Money
  • Convenience to customers, lead to better Customer Satisfaction
  • Reach a larger customer base, thus helping boost aftermarket sales
  • Do away with printed manuals, and save costs. This is a great replacement for aftersales service manuals
  • Track all transactions, analyse trends. Stay ahead of market needs
  • Being a web-based, browser is all you need. Accessible on PC, Mac and popular tablets.
  • Supports a wide range of industries – Automotive, Special Purpose Machinery, OEMs, and more…!

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