Specializing in machinery, test equipment, electronics, and more. We provide innovative solutions for consumer and industrial sectors.

Technosoft offers a spectrum of engineering services for Industrial Product & Machinery, recognizing the challenges faced by manufacturers in meeting ever-increasing customer demands. The evolving technology and customized requirements necessitate greater investment in R&D and equipment designing processes. Our experienced team of engineers supports the entire product development journey, from conceptualization to manufacturing. We empower our clients to make informed decisions based on key parameters such as quality, cost, and sustainability of industrial equipment, leveraging our expertise in product design development.

We understand the criticality and time sensitivity involved in designing and developing industrial products and machinery. Our rigorous process in developing and validating product designs ensures a seamless transition to the manufacturing stage, leaving no room for error.

With over 25+ years of experience, explore a Technosoft’s streamlined cycle of services for the industrial equipment and machinery, encompassing design & development, testing, manufacturing & sourcing, product launch support, ongoing product sustenance, digital engineering, IoT Specializations and sustainability initiatives, providing comprehensive support throughout the product lifecycle.

Industrial​ Products​ & Machinery​

Empowering Industries Through Innovative Solutions​

Industrial Machinery Industrial​
Power Electronics Power
Appliances Appliances
Oil & Gas Equipment Oil & Gas​

Areas Of Expertise​

  • Consumer Products
  • ​Lighting Products
  • ​Tools & Accessories​
  • White Goods​
  • Switchgear
  • ​IoT/IIoT​
  • Lab Equipment
  • ​Heat Exchangers & Boilers
  • ​Valves & Pumps
  • ​Analog & Digital Electronics
  • ​Control Systems​
  • Technical Documentation​
Industrial​ Products​ & Machinery​ One

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