The ever-growing demand for a comfortable journey and safe transportation of goods will never end. Various evolving technologies only add to more and more expectation for a super comfortable journey.

Technosoft with its in-house facilities provides a world-class engineering capability to allow you to develop creative & innovative products that can give you an edge in the competitive market. We provide new, enhanced and tested design solutions to our customers to enable them to keep the pace with the changing market trends in the transportation industry.

Technosoft ensures that you save your CAPEX investment for core business and still remain a leader in your business.

Our transportation engineering services broadly encompass the following engineering disciplines:

  • Styling, Body and Interior Design

    Technosoft offers connected engineering solutions for concept designing and reverse engineering rendering you the power and freedom to push your creativity, all in one system.

  • Component Design Services

    With our Component Design Services, we help the OEM’s standardize and diminish the number of electrical components integrated into a vehicle. We strive to reduce the architectural complexity to facilitative scalable and cost-optimized production.

  • Engineering Documentation

    Technosoft has established a reputation for excellent transport design and engineering documentation. Our in-depth knowledge and specialized skills help us in providing quality engineering documentation to our clients.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    Technosoft’s finite element analysis is charged with precise calculations, accurate models and resourceful evaluation modes in the transportation industry.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Technosoft offers a complete range of CFD services. Our CFD consultants are skilled with industry-leading tools and are highly experienced in transportation domain to solve all your CFD simulation needs.

  • Value Add & Value Engineering (VA/VE)

    We implement the VA/VE approach to deliver better ROI for our clients. We ensure the project team improves the efficiency, project quality, communication and adds value at every step.

  • Functional Testing

    Technosoft provides latest functional Bus Design testing services that meet the international compliance standards. The functional testing we offer comprises of both automated and compact test systems.

    Technosoft assists you to design and develop your products at a faster pace than before. Our engineering experts work to develop world-class designs and enhancements to your current design.

    Some of our product design and development expertise for Transportation industry includes:

  • Bus Body Design & Bus Coach Design:

    We have considerable expertise in bus body Design and coach designing at Technosoft. Our skilled engineers have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the regulatory aspects as well as design imperatives facing this sector. We design structures for the coaches that meet the rollover requirements to the entire bus body Design – Interiors as well as exteriors. Our engineers are well versed in general vehicle level packaging and complex aggregate level packaging. We deliver designs that meet the ECE and AIS Bus Body Codes.

  • Utility Truck Design & Trailers Design:

    Technosoft offers global truck  design teams with a full range of design services to accelerate the design and development of utility trucks and trailers. Our engineers consider manufacturability, weight optimization, quality, performance and cost optimization. We arrive at the optimal utility truck and trailers design making the right considerations and without sacrificing the critical attributes like safety and durability.

  • Emergency Vehicles Design & Recreational Vehicles Design:

    Technosoft understands the challenges facing emergency responders and the sort of performance the profession demands. We engineer the emergency vehicles design that deliver superior acceleration has faster response time and better maneuverability on the crowded city streets. Our design team has several years of experience in the cutting-edge RV design and development.

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