Trends in Industrial Automation Services

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Finishing certain complex processes in factories is becoming simple and can be done without human interference. These processes such as assembling are monotonous to have humans work on it. Hence industrial automation services were involved in several assembling manufacturing processes. Every now and then we see certain trends emerging in this segment. Day after day, it is getting dynamic and more optimized to improve efficiency. There are some recent upgradations in the industrial automation space which could soon become a trending practice in all the manufacturing facilities. Here are some of the trends that are happening in this space.

Industrial Automation Services

Digital Twin Technologies

If you understand cloning, then grasping digital twin will not at all be difficult for you. For example, you have one machine which does a particular process and replicating the same process with one machine will not be possible. In that case, you can create virtual equipment like the original one and assign the same to perform operations in tandem. This way, your production increases and so does your efficiency. Several reports were surfacing saying how digital twin is disrupting Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Moreover, this has been widely used in healthcare and automotive industry as well quite widely.

Converging IT and OT

Integration is the new word in the tech world. For years, IT and OT has been two different domains. But there is a need to bridge both together. Under OT, one does monitoring and controlling equipment. On the other hand, under IT a lot of support management activities take place. But efficiency and productivity is said to increase only when both the operations are interconnected. A lot of research has been going on to converge both of these. By the end of 2019, we can possibly get to see manufacturing facilities with the convergence of both these operations.

Cobot Usage

Cobot or Collaborative Robots as they’re called is now emerging. In 2018, its worth stood at US$710 million and same is said to surge to a whopping market worth of US$12.3 billion. These collaborative robots are said to increase production lines, increase productivity and improve employee safety. It is considered to be more affordable that even SMEs can afford having one and keep improving their efficiency from time to time. Europe, APAC and North American regions are heavily investing in this technology and soon we can see a lot of upsurge in investments and usage.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is not an alien term, but the advancements it offers for your manufacturing facility is something new. In the manufacturing space, augmented Reality is considered to have impacted product lifecycle management. Right from monitoring process improvements to inventory management and new product introduction, AR does everything to make your manufacturing process simple and efficient. Experts even say AR could allow one to look into the product pointing to the problem area. This is said to actually improve your efficiency and let you go ahead. Also, AR is widely used in different industries for different processes.

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Trends in Electrical Engineering Services

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The world around us is developing quite rapidly. Several countries are seeing a lot of development like never before. New super powers are emerging; existing super powers are dependent on developing nations for services. Rapid urbanisation and development is pushing for a complete makeover in Transportation and commercial infrastructure sectors to name a few. This makeover calls for new technologies, which is actually increasing the demand for electrical Engineering services. The emerging trends in this sector are making the world a better place to live with easy access to everything. Even Cloud and 3D imaging has a role to play here. Let us take a look at some of them.

Sustainable Design

The need to preserve environment is high allover. Off late, people realized the high performance machines are releasing toxic gases that are harmful to our environment and even to human life. In terms of electricity as well people looking to lower consumption by minimizing unwanted usage. In short, they’re looking for the perfect balance between consumption and utility. Several organizations are using IoT to get an optimal solution for this issue. Hence focus on sustainable electrical design is already taken seriously.

Sustainable Design

Project Design Time

Complex designs are the reason why implementation of certain concepts takes a lot of time. For example, let us say you have a huge construction project. The number of electrical lines required is quite high. Also, you have to complete this in a short time span. In this scenario, if you have a complex design in hand, you might not deliver what you had promised. This is pushing for simplification of complex designs and lower the project design time. Already leading players are implementing unique methodologies in designing processes which are said to increase the project design time.

3D Laser Scanning

In general, 3D Laser Scanning is quite widely utilized for studying dimensional information on any object or surface. For example, let us say you’re all set to design electrical lines for an existing building. Here you’re not raising a new one. Hence you need to understand what already exists and see how you can take advantage of the existing lines. Moreover, this helps you achieve the priority goals of obtaining a design with high accuracy.


Building information modelling is now going to the next level. Under BIM 4D you will set a construction sequence that adds extra information in the form of scheduling data. That extra information will also be on electrical designs. This extra detailing is going to help you build accurately on each and every level. Also, with BIM 5D you get to calculate the cost of every single thing i.e. not only the basic raw material cost. You also get the cost spent on the minute particles bought to make a good electrical design.

Cloud Sharing

Let us say you make a design and you need to deliver it to a client who stays far away from your location. You can easily save it in a cloud and share it with a client. This cloud sharing will be much secured as unlike emails, they are free from security breaches unlike other mediums.

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