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Digital transformation is shifting the business domain by storm. As a result, gathering and understanding metrics has become a simple task. However, when it comes to cloud and analytics, businesses, despite their size, find it challenging to gain actionable insights into their big data.

Technosoft is the leading cloud and analytics consulting and solution firm that helps businesses to face the problems of today’s era and design the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow.

We help you leverage the power of technologies to implement intelligent solutions that will enable your team to be more productive, enhance your infrastructure, and boost your brand to be more valuable. We also have been collaborating with Azure and AWS since our inception and have helped various clients experience a seamless and swift transition to these innovative platforms.

Explore Technosoft’s Analytics Services!

With Technosoft, you can make sense of the most complex data with just a few clicks. We help you to increase productivity and profitably by building an analytic-driven culture in every organization. Let us explore how we get started!

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL)

Technosoft’s constructive cloud analytics solution will ensure that the large dataset of your business is analyzed and configured to deliver the required solutions, satisfying the specific data needs. We drive data unification across the organization from multiple sources for a complete and consistent view.

Report Generation Report Generation

Technosoft allows the business to discover the signals in the data visualization and convert them into engaging and easy-to-understand reports, reducing errors. Such meaningful report generation will accelerate the data analytics process of your business and drive you to make decisions with smart, industries-specific information.

Dashboarding and Visualization Dashboarding and Visualization

You can visually explore the data from various sources to create and share compelling stories with the help of Technosoft’s dashboarding feature. We offer a code-free and simple drag-and-drop interface in the dashboard so that anyone in the organization can build interactive data visualization without specific technical skills.

Technosoft emphasizes on Microsoft Power BI to handle data from various sources and offer excellent visualization after seamless integarion. It can be used by individual from both non-technical and technical backgrounds to find patterns and trends.

Real-time and predictive analysis Real-time and predictive analysis

Our effective and flexible analytics cloud solution model will deliver high-quality brilliance and transparency. We implement the use of Tableau, an impecaable business intelligence tool to create reports, analuse assive data from several sources, while provding interactive data visualization in appealing user interface. You can also easily configure the connection to retain a constructive and consistent view of the metrics.

Discover the diversification of Technosoft’s Cloud Services

Based on Azure and AWS, Technosoft leverages the sustainable benefit of the cloud to help your business create modernized applications to compete in the respective industry. We bring 24/ 7 cloud monitoring support to your enterprise in achieving cost-savings, better performance, and improved security. We provide:

Device-to-cloud Connectivity

Device-to-cloud Connectivity

We build the architecture that opens up the potential for many solutions where devices and the cloud connect over the latest high-speed communication modes with efficient protocols.

Cloud Application

Cloud Application

We simplify the end-to-end management of public cloud systems by supporting application operations and adaption to innovation, thereby optimizing the outcomes of your business.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics

With our cloud analytics solutions, we boost the digital potential of your business by opening up various opportunities while improving the customer experience.

What makes us stand out? – Supercharge your Business

At Technosoft Engineering, we are dedicated to driving businesses toward their dream goals. Our cloud-based analytics solutions streamline every enterprise operation in a synergetic and inclusive manner. We also make sure to constantly get updated with the latest trends and practices in the industry.

Centralized Access

Get a clear and complete view of your business data with a central hub repository, maximizing your organization’s insights.

Reduced Costs and High ROI

When you have every piece of your business data on the cloud, you don’t need to invest in the manual efforts of in-house experts or expensive space for hardware, software, or servers.

Enhanced Security Measures

We know that our client’s business has to meet stringent security standards. With our services, you don’t have to worry about security breaches or fraudulent activities.

Access to Powerful Tools

We provide access to powerful, reliable tools for cloud and analytics services, including interactive dashboards, reporting tools, and machine learning models to achieve better insights about your business.

Globalized Collaboration

We enable businesses to make better, smarter decisions faster from anywhere globally. Any team member of the organization can access, share, and collaborate for the asynchronous decision process.


End-to-end Services

From migrating the infrastructure of your business to analyzing cloud analytics and everything in between, we have a team of experts to cover the complete spectrum of cloud and analytics services.

Multifaceted Cloud Expertise

We leverage our partnerships with leading cloud vendors like AWS and Azure to provide effective cloud solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Technosoft – Your Partner For Enlivening your Envision of a Smarter Enterprise

Technosoft is a leading and innovative provider of IoT solutions. We deliver customized embedded systems, connectivity solutions, applications, mobility solutions, and cloud and analytics services to portray intelligent insights and enhance your business performance.

Let us take over the heavy task while you focus on what matters the most to you – reaping the rewards! Contact our experts today!

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