Manufacturing Engineering Services

Over the decades, Manufacturing Engineering Services are increasingly evolving. As the demands of consumers are getting higher and more sophisticated, the competition to develop the products effectively has also been growing. At Technosoft, we provide manufacturing engineering services that empowers you to fulfill your customer requirement by enabling them to deliver the best products to your customers as per the industry and market trends.

Technosoft Engineering has adept manufacturing engineering and offers solutions for asset management, plant engineering, sustenance processes, product development, and product enhancement. We have been successfully delivering our clients with exceptional technical assistance and project management support at all the phases of the product’s lifecycle. With the growing margin pressures and volatile markets, we ensure that you take on the current market challenges successfully.

Our Services Include:

Tool Design

Technosoft Engineering is focused on designing and building specialty product designs and has thrived on tool design over the years. We are the master in reverse-engineering the complex structures of the tools and converting the digital documents precisely. We operate in a culture clear communication with our clients during the product development lifecycle so that the definite objectives of the clients are met within time. Technosoft possesses unique tooling systems for sheet metal fabrication and casting for the development of varied products. Our tool design services include:

  1. Plastic Product development & Tooling (NPD Programme)
  2. Mold Simulation
  3. Designing & Tooling of Sheet metal Forming Products
    • Value analysis and value engineering (VAVE)
    • Progressive Dies
    • Simple Dies & Compound Dies
    • Combination Dies
    • Transfer Die
    • Four slide Stamping
  4. Designing & Tooling die casting products
    • Value analysis and value engineering (VAVE)
    • Die Casting Analysis
    • HPDC Tool Support
    • Investment Casting Tool Support
  5. Jigs & Fixtures


Rapid Prototyping Support

Technosoft has been helping its clients in building all types of prototypes at very competitive rates. Prototyping allows both visual and functional testing and helps engineers to execute frequent revisions on the designs. These are important in every stage of the product development process as prototyping leads to high-quality finishing and cost-efficient products.

Technosoft offers consistent support over the product design and development process by providing smooth access to design verification. We provide effective prototype solutions for your design projects using our conventional and scientific techniques.


Should Costing

While negotiating the prices the Should-Cost Analysis provides a valuable idea regarding the production cost of the product. It helps in exploring the reasons behind the increased cost of an item by analyzing various scenarios. It allows manufacturers to design and develop products at competitive rates and survive the common constraints that exist in the industry.

Should-cost analysis has become a potent tool for companies to provide significant evidence to suppliers for negotiating final cost estimates of the product. This technique helps the companies to choose the right material, supplier, investment, and processes.

Technosoft Manufacturing Engineering Services has tremendous expertise in costing practices and possesses thorough knowledge regarding the cost drivers that can enhance the cost of manufacturing. We apply activity-based costing, material study, DFMA, and various other scientific methods for achieving correct costs. Our proficient know-how in should-costing has helped our clients in determining the price of their products based on the overhead expenses and cost of raw materials.