6 Machine Design Engineering Challenges: Part 1

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In this article, we will cover reliability and flexibility as machine design engineering challenges. You will also know how Technosoft Engineering can help overcome these challenges.

Whenever machine designers are busy designing a machine, various challenges may arise with the need to balance performance, safety, durability, and cost. But technological advancements can enhance the severity of such challenges even when client needs have to be met. Additionally, it may become tough to integrate new technologies into the machine design. Hence, designers have to innovate and optimize continuously to develop machines that are reliable and efficient at the same time. 


Machine Design Engineering Challenge One: Reliability

Machine Design Engineering Challenge One: Reliability

Reliability claims can certainly indicate that the machine is working smoothly. But nowadays, companies use Overall Equipment Effectiveness. This is a metric that teams use to assess the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the machine. It also offers a way to determine how the manufacturing operations are performing compared to their full potential. When the machine is 100% effective, it simply means that it produces perfect products swiftly and without any downtime. 

As companies measure OEE and losses, it can help optimize manufacturing operations. It can also measure the return on investment once the machinery has been installed at a certain location. Through the data, companies can improve machine designs for the future. By setting up machines that have a high OEE score, it can be useful when organizations are looking forward to growth with repeat orders. Hence, when choosing a machine, companies must ensure that it delivers high-quality products in a short time span. However, quality engineering needs time; otherwise, it compromises machine design. Here’s when Technosoft Engineering can help improve reliability.


How Does Technosoft Expertise Help Improve Reliability?

When your company starts working closely with Technosoft Engineering on a machine design, the team can ensure reliability through Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This technique can help optimize the durability of the design. Besides, the team will test the design in different environments to make sure that it meets stringent quality standards. Simulations and modeling tools further help to identify potential issues and optimize designs before engineers build prototypes. Through the integration of robust design principles, Technosoft ensures that machines are developed to withstand various environmental factors. Ultimately, a collaborative approach at Technosoft ensures that every aspect of machine reliability is taken into consideration, right from the initial design to the final implementation. 


Machine Design Engineering Challenge Two: Flexibility

Machine Design Engineering Challenge Two: Flexibility

Reducing the time for machine design is certainly advantageous around the world. When less time is required to design a machine, it leads to faster delivery and high margins. Manufacturers will also gain more flexibility when the development of multi-purpose machines reduces design time. But many manufacturers need more production lines to manufacture different products. They also need to upgrade the machines when there’s a need to manufacture new products.  

Manufacturers may consider a push button option to swap the products along the production line. But this operation will entirely depend on the similarities in the products and working with minimum downtime. The team will also think about various design strategies along with presenting a modular design. These improvements will, undoubtedly, make machines more flexible. It will also lead to making the machine and the design process more complex than they were in the past. In such a case, relevant data has to be maintained separately while trying every concept. Moving ahead, many problems will arise when machine designers are working on the data. 


How Does Technosoft’s Customer Centric Focus Help in Flexibility?

Technosoft’s customer-centric focus certainly plays a vital role in enhancing the flexibility of its machine designs. Once the team understands your needs, the company excels at offering customized solutions as per your unique specifications. An agile design approach further helps to make adjustments across the design and development stages. Technosoft also leverages advanced tools and technologies to enhance machine design flexibility. While the team experiments with the design configurations, it can assess their flexibility. This helps to meet the evolving needs of the clients. The team is also proactive in solving problems to make sure that issues are identified and addressed at an early stage of the design process.


Partner with Technosoft Engineering

As Technosoft Engineering takes machine design inspirations to the next level, a skillful and dedicated team helps enhance durability and performance. Optimizing expenses and manufacturing processes also helps to ensure the cost-effective development of machines. Eventually, you will be leveraging a 20-year legacy of workmanship while the team assists, right from conceptualization to structural design. The team also helps with CAD modeling and simulation for developing the machine precisely. 


Closing Thoughts

Finally, it’s always important to ensure reliability and flexibility in machine design. Reliability ensures that the machine performs consistently and safely with less downtime. This not only helps in maintaining productivity but also safety standards. Flexibility, on the contrary, enables the team to adapt to changing operational requirements and technological advancements. The team can accommodate new processes and market demands without the need for redesigns. 

If you’re thinking about developing a unique machine right from scratch, contact Technosoft Engineering today.

In the next article, we will speak about Speed and Precision, and Modular Design Flexibility. 

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