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Grasp the perfect balance of scalability, safety, and reliability with Technosoft’s connectivity solutions to keep your business thriving.

Whether you are a start-up business or a big enterprise, seamless communication is challenging today. Integrating connectivity solutions underpins the most critical activity from email to applications. At Technosoft, we help you identify and manage the ideal solutions for the IoT services of your organization through a global-edge network.

Technosoft’s Connectivity Solutions Provides Seamless Connection Across All Platforms

The ultimate goal of Technosoft is to deliver unified connectivity solutions to help you connect users and employees across locations that guarantee security and speed. Once you have partnered with us, you can count on staying connected while you can focus on other key attributes of your organization.

Technosoft’s Comprehensive Services

Device Connectivity

Technosoft enables IoT devices and applications to adapt to a future-proof service that is simple to scale. Our managed connectivity solutions ensure resilient and reliable integration between wired/ wireless devices and networks. The secured network delivers data from the device to the cloud-hosted managed environment to effectively connect the network with your business systems. Consolidating these contemporary models will greatly simplify your rollout, allowing you to take mass deployment across multiple regions.

Technology we focus on

  • BLE Mesh & Bluetooth
  • ZigBee & ZWave
  • ModBus & CAN Bus
  • DALI & DMX

LAN and WAN Network

Our definition of LAN and WAN networks brings simplicity, safety, and cost-effectiveness to your architecture. Technosoft’s connectivity wireless solutions will make it easier for you to manage and optimize your applications across many devices, carving excellent experiences for your clients and team. We also help you to tackle the ever-evolving range of cyber threats and other digital problems that target users.

Technology we focus on

  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet
  • LoRa & 6LowPan
  • BACne

Cloud Connectivity

While more organizations adapt to cloud-based technologies, your enterprise becomes more vulnerable to network blackholing, cyber, and DDoS attacks. At Technosoft, our experienced professionals ensure to deliver end-to-end private, secure, and direct connectivity solutions between your global ecosystem of hosting and networking services and cloud services. We help you mitigate the challenges that threaten your business operation and application accessibility.

Technology we focus on

  • IPv4, IPv6o

Why Choose Technosoft? – Experience the Ease of Collaborating with Effective Connectivity Solutions

Our experts at Technosoft understand that every organization requires a unique set of connectivity solutions. To meet your specific needs, we propose the right combination of connectivity services in the most contemporary and cost-effective way. With years of experience in connectivity, we will handle all your requirements while you concentrate on your business objectives.

Here’s why you should choose Technosoft for customized connectivity solutions.

End-to-End Enterprise Support:

At Technosoft, we have a team of dedicated professionals who will guide your decision and support you in every stage of your connectivity project. It includes designing wireless connectivity solutions, obtaining quotations from supplier networks, order validation, service handover, and in-life changes.

Secure, Single Point of Contact:

Technosoft, the leading connectivity solutions provider, manages our relationship directly with the suppliers, so you don’t have to struggle between many vendors. You will have a single point of contact for easy and effective communication. Our experts will validate and translate every update, eliminating any jargon and making the entire process simple and easy-to-understand to you.

Connect and Communicate at a Cost-effective:

Our connectivity solutions are designed to optimize your work environment that goes beyond borders without crossing your budget while enabling you to enhance the ability of your business and faster deployment with driven-down costs. As we resolve the communication challenges in your operations, you can connect, communicate and collaborate to work confidently.

Expertise in Tech-Aspect:

We have a skilled team of pioneer professionals in IoT services who can deliver appropriate connectivity solutions for your organization that best fit your unique needs. From day one, we will work with you to better understand your business’s mission while guiding you on the right path forward in the best way possible.

Evolve with Innovation:

While looking to safely connect with people, the cloud, locations, and data, we help you take advantage of the rich resources you need to sustain business operations. We leverage the power of the latest technologies and make you stay ahead in a competitive global marketplace today and into the future.

Industries We Serve

Technosoft’s Simplified and Scalable IoT Connectivity Will Future-Proof your Premises

In today’s digital era, an interconnected and innovative ecosystem becomes an essential foundation to achieve the evolving vision of your business. Technosoft offers premium cross-connectivity solutions to achieve complete digital transformation. Whatever the location or device, we will enable you to facilitate faster and smarter decisions in a secure and flexible virtual environment.

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