Expert Embedded Systems Solution For Your Unique Business Challenges

At Technosoft, we provide specialized embedded system solutions that range from concept planning to comprehensive production. Our team of developers is skilled in embedded system design and can help you create unique and effective electronic systems that meet your individual needs.

Embedded systems are becoming increasingly important in this evolving technological landscape. They are specialized computer systems that perform specific operations within a large framework or device and are optimized for performance, power consumption, and durability.

Services Offered

Technosoft is a one-stop solution for hardware and software services for businesses requiring embedded system applications.

With over two decades of experience, Technosoft has built a solid reputation for excellence in delivering hardware, firmware, and software design services. We also focus on quality measures to establish connectivity, system integration, regulatory compliance, and certification.

Additionally, we provide our clients with creative and effective embedded system technology solutions, as our specialists have much expertise and knowledge. Our top-notch services meet our client’s expectations and guarantee their success.

We offer services that include:

Firmware Development

Firmware development is an important part of the software development lifecycle. At Technosoft, our experienced specialists provide exceptional firmware development services in creating firmware for various applications.

Our firmware development-specific services include:

  • System Architecture
  • Electronic Design, and Development
  • RTOS/ OS/ Bare Metal Applications
  • Porting and Optimization
  • BSP/Device Drivers
  • System Integration and Security
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Hardware & Electrical Design

Hardware and electrical design are the foundations of creating electronic products. A well-designed and executed hardware and electrical design are essential to ensuring that the finished product satisfies the market’s needs and standards.

Technosoft’s comprehensive hardware and electrical design services cover all aspects of electronic product development. Our team of experts can work closely with clients to design the best embedded system hardware that meets their specific requirements. These include:

  • High-Speed Digital Circuit Design
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Sensor Interfaces
  • Lower Power Circuit Design
  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity isolation
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PCB Layout Design

Almost all electronic products, including computers, smartphones, televisions, and many other items, contain PCBs used to create electronic circuits. As a result, Technosoft provides a range of PCB layout design services, including:

  • Multilayer PCB Layout Design
  • DFM, DFT, DFA Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
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Sustenance Engineering

Technosoft offers quality sustenance engineering to maintain the life span and efficiency. We focus on maintaining, upgrading, and improving electrical products throughout their lifecycle, from design to end-of-life.

Obsolescence Management

  • We help clients identify potential risks and develop a mitigation plan to ensure their products function correctly even when critical components or materials are unavailable.

RoHS Compliance

  • We can help clients ensure that their products comply with RoHS regulations by analyzing them and providing guidance on material selection and sourcing.
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Regulatory Compliance & Certification

Regulatory compliance and certification are critical components of electronic product development. Technosoft offers various services to help clients ensure their products meet the required standards and regulations.

We guide design testing and documentation to ensure that your product is meeting the specific standard and regulations that are mandated for compliance with the following certifications:

  • FCC & IEC Compliance
  • CE & UL Certification
  • EMI & EMC Testing
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System Engineering Solutions

Complex electrical goods’ successful development and implementation depend on excellent embedded system development. Technosoft provides various system engineering services to assist clients in managing the development process and ensuring their products satisfy their needs and functions.

Our system engineering solutions range from requirement gathering to final testing and deployment for the entire development cycle. It includes:

  • Requirement Scoping & Traceability
  • FMEA, Risk Management, Proto Build
  • DFX, Integration Testing, Pre-Compliance
  • Test Jigs & Fixtures, V&V Testing
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Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity is an integral part of modern electronic products. We have experienced developers that provide a comprehensive range of services to assist clients in implementing connectivity solutions for their products.

The specific services that are provided are:

  • Network Enablement (WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE Mesh, ZigBee, DMX, etc.)
  • Stack Integration & Porting
  • Gateway Implementation/ integration
  • Standards/Open Source Support
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