The Internet of things (IoT) is a physical object that connects and allows the exchange of data. The exchange of data among devices is done with objects having sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies. These devices are connected over the internet or other communication networks to establish data transfer.

IoT converges multiple technologies like ubiquitous computing, embedded systems, commodity sensors, and machine learning. Its rapid evolution has led to estimates that it could have an economic impact of up to $12.6 trillion by 2025. This opens the doors for IoT consulting companies that can grow enormously.

Technosoft is an engineering solutions provider company. We work with customer electronics, home automation, sensor technology, and many more to create smart and connected devices. IoT technology integrates ambient intelligence and autonomous control that supports more than one common ecosystem and controls devices. And at Technosoft, we take the same technology to the next level and provide a dynamic and interactive environment.

IoT Consulting Services

IoT Solutions and Services By Technosoft

Our approach to development is direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, which results in economic benefits, reduced human exertion, and enhanced efficiency. Cutting intelligence is offered on three levels-

  1. IoT devices – Consists of networked things like sensors, actuators, etc., that connect with edge nodes/gateways.
  2. Edge nodes – Consists of data collection systems that provide pre-processing of data, secure connectivity to the cloud, edge analytics, etc.
  3. Cloud computing – Consists of database systems that store sensor data and handle communication that transpires in IoT devices and edge notes.

We bring smart objects closer to reality by analyzing IoT data, extracting hidden information, and predicting control decisions.

To meet the requirements of this intricate architecture, our IoT consulting services are divided into four stages.

  1. Embedded Systems Development

“Change is the only constant.” With the integration of IoT, embedded systems are in a rapid rush to change their hardware, firmware, and electronics. This enhances the response or expected output. In this stage, we lay out a system architecture design. It involves the mapping of-

  • Hardware and software components
  • Embedded systems and IoT
  • Planning of software for IoT embedded systems
  • Interaction of humans and desired output

Embedded systems transfer real-time data over the internet for extended applications like monitoring, tracking, analysis, etc.

  1. Connectivity Solutions

It represents communications, transmission, and receiving data for a device to function properly. It involves methods including applications, sensors, trackers, gateways, and network routers. Our IoT connectivity services include-

  • Network enablement and stack integration
  • Stack development and porting
  • Gateway implementation and integration
  • Compliance with standard bodies

The latest cellular 5G networks may actually become a universal solution for IoT connectivity, and we will try to integrate the same into our technologies. Furthermore, the requirements of satellite, extraterrestrial, cellular, and LPWA are served specifically.

  1. Applications and Mobility Solutions

These are the actual connected digital gadgets. We build feature-rich connected applications from scratch or transfer and update existing legacy systems. We also look into UI/UX and follow design standards, workflows, and guidelines to ensure a seamless experience for web and mobile applications. Our services include-

  • Mobile – Android | iOS -Objective C & Swift | Cordova React Native | ionic | Mobile Angular UI
  • Web – HTML/CSS/PHP/Java/Python | Angular JS, React JS, Node JS | MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB
  • Custom engineering –, VB, VB.NET, Java, J2EE, PHP Microsoft.NET, C++, and C

The main focus is a major shift to unlock backend values and express client-driven information in content that converts a system of record into a system of commitment.

  1. Analytics and Cloud

We provide a centralized system that helps deliver and transport data across the Internet to data centers. The files and data can be accessed, stored, and used across different geographies. It also offers management and analysis of big data across multiple platforms and systems. Our services for analytics include-

  • Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL)
  • Report Generation
  • Dash Boarding and Visualization
  • Real-time and Predictive Analytics

Our services for Cloud include-

  • AWS & Microsoft Azure Based
  • Device to Cloud Connectivity
  • Cloud Applications
  • Cloud Analytics

When every service is integrated together, IoT proves its potential in delivering values, enabling disruptive business models, seamless customer experience, resilient value chains, and productive resources.

Technosoft –  Finest IoT Consulting Firm

The elaborated services offered by us are applicable to the industries of home automation, customer electronics, smart metering, smart lighting, and medical devices. Our idea is to enable IoT for communication between devices to fulfill addressability, standards, ease of data storage, security, and safety, by designing for anarchic scalability and revealing the entire potential of IoT.

If you are convinced that we can cater to your needs, get in touch with us today!

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