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Technosoft Engineering begins an exciting journey, leading you with innovation and excellence, where we reshape the landscape of design, customization, and automation in engineering processes. Whether you operate in the automotive or manufacturing sector, our Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) services empower businesses to efficiently meet diverse customer demands. With a firm commitment to innovation and precision, we specialize in CAD customization, configurators, and macro solutions for designing chassis and automotive components. The competitive automotive industry requires a strategic approach, and Technosoft Engineering, leveraging the power of KBЕ, introduces automation, customization, and intelligent decision-making to modernize manufacturing and design processes.

Services Offered

Technosoft Engineering is your partner in advancing design efficiency, ensuring consistency, and empowering engineers through our exceptional Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) solutions.

CAD Customization

  • Tailoring Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to meet specific requirements.
  • Enhancing teamwork by creating custom toolbars and interfaces.
  • Automating design processes for increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Facilitating easy selection of options and parameters in the design process.
  • Streamlining and expediting the design phase.
  • Ensuring adherence to company standards and specifications.

MACRO Automation

  • Automating repetitive tasks within the CAD environment.
  • Handling complex and time-consuming operations automatically.
  • Minimizing errors and enhancing overall design process efficiency.

Why Choose Technosoft Engineering for
Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE)?

MACRO Automation Excellence

MACRO Automation Excellence

Leverage our proficiency in MACRO automation to automate repetitive tasks within the CAD environment. This minimizes errors and enhances overall design process efficiency.

Strategic Approach in Automotive Industry

Strategic Approach in Automotive Industry

In the fiercely competitive automotive sector, a strategic methodology is imperative. Technosoft Engineering, harnessing the capabilities of Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE), brings forth automation, customization, and intelligent decision-making, revolutionizing manufacturing and design processes for a contemporary edge.

Sector Expertise

Sector Expertise

Regardless of your industry, be it automotive or manufacturing, Technosoft Engineering’s Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) services provide businesses with the capability to effectively address a wide range of customer requirements.

Configurator for Easy Selection

Configurator for Easy Selection

Our configurator facilitates easy selection of options and parameters in the design process, streamlining and expediting the design phase while ensuring adherence to company standards and specifications.

Industries We Serve

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