Mr. Vishesh Dixit Image

Mr. Vishesh Dixit

(Head – Embedded Systems)

Mr. Vishesh Dixit is the Head of the Embedded Systems, focusing on New Product Development (NPD), Engineering Service Delivery (ESD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and re-engineering for various domains.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of Engineering Design Services (EDS), Mr. Dixit is a seasoned professional known for successfully managing key projects in consumer, industrial, health care, EV and medical domains . Few projects include Reva 1st electric car introduced in India, ticketing solutions for Indian Railways, Automotive diagnostics, Elevator control system, lab equipment development. These projects highlight his expertise in delivering innovative solutions for complex engineering challenges.

Mr. Dixit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and MBA in Project Management from SMU. His educational background, combined with his extensive international experience, makes him a valuable asset to the organization, capable of driving innovation and excellence in Engineering Design Services.