Boost your value

Globalization and changing customer preferences are forcing businesses to invest heavily in R&D in order to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their products. Since customers now have multiple options available to them, businesses have to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing additional features to gain market share. This is forcing them to cut down their cost to achieve higher profit margins and increase market share.

Value Analysis & Value Engineering Services (VA/VE) is extremely crucial, as many reports indicate that up to 80% of a product’s costs (all through the remainder of its life-cycle) are secured at the value engineering design development stage. Hence Value Engineering should be viewed as an essential action in the product development process and is unquestionably wise business speculation, with respect to the time it takes. It is firmly suggested you construct Value Engineering into your new product development process, to make it more robust and for sound business reasons.

Whereas, Value Analysis is concerned with products that are already in existence. It involves the analysis and evolution of a current product with the intention to reduce costs, enhance the product’s functionality, or both. Value Analysis is a set of steps where a product is evaluated with regard to its costs, functions, components which can be used as a substitute, and the current design of the product.

Technosoft Value Engineering Company provides value engineering service which helps you in gaining the right equilibrium between cost, quality, safety, and resources to maximize the value for you.

Business Challenges

  • Embrace innovation at a lower price.
  • Achieve customer loyalty
  • Product enhancement with the creation of value
  • Enhancement of product performance at a lower price than before

Our value engineering company Expertise in VA/VE understands your business and helps you transform your product and value engineering services through a structured and customized approach that improves the value of your business. Our VA/VE can be implemented at any stage of product lifecycle management.

Our Value Analysis and Value Engineering Services

  • Engineering Design Optimization:

    Technosoft delivers the highest quality engineering design optimization solutions. Our experts help improve your product design, giving you a competitive edge. We utilize 3D modeling, simulation, and analysis to uncover the design flaws, reduce performance risk and improve product effectiveness.

  • Product Weight Reduction and Product Cost Reduction:

    We use the latest methodologies and tools to optimize the product design in terms of weight as well as cost reduction. All the product designs are validated and verified via state-of-the-art engineering analysis procedures. There are few possibilities of design failures as they are validated in the preliminary stages of the design process saving expenses incurred in terms of both cost and time.

  • Modular Design Approach:

    At Technosoft , we use the Modular design approach for your products which reduces complexity and increase interchangeability in engineering. Also, this approach results in a lower rate of production errors and reduced component variety in manufacturing. Our team also analysis potential risks of the designing and make sure the complex tasks in designing are handled efficiently and the cost of manufacturing is also reduced.

  • Part/Feature Library & Configurator:

    We help our clients in creating parts and feature libraries, thus freeing up their time which they can use to focus on their core manufacturing activities. We offer best practices and techniques to organize libraries and deliver the best setup for your existing libraries. Our team can take care of creating multiple versions of your models, library parts, and configurations.

  • Supplier Integration, Localization, Low-Cost Sourcing

    We offer product localization, low-cost sourcing, and supplier integration services at Technosoft that effectively address our client requirements. Our Value Engineering services comply with the statutory regulations, address cost expectations and feature requirements of the new market.