Signage & Smart Lighting Solutions

Technosoft enables luminaire companies to smart-enable their products through its integrated mechanical, hardware, firmware, app development and cloud enablement services.

Embedded & Connectivity Services:

  • Hardware Design, Firmware Development and Electronics
  • Connectivity Enablement, Stack Development & Porting

Partial list of Technology and Platform Capabilities:

Communication Protocols Hardware Platforms IDEs
BLE/ Bluetooth 4.0+ and 5 ST Micro IAR
Zigbee 3.0 Texas Instruments Keil
DALI 2.0 Silicon Labs Eclipse
6LoWPAN Renesas Simplicity
WiFi Atmel

Software & Cloud Enablement:

  • Integration with Commercial and Open-source Home Building Automation & IoT platforms
  • Mobile & Web Application Development for Control & Monitoring
  • Cloud Enablement for remote Management & Analytics

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Design & Development & Engineering Support for indoor and outdoor lighting units:
    • Lighting Fixtures & Enclosures
    • Extrusions, Housing, Railings
    • Sheet metal components / Weldment
    • Castings / Plastics / Formed Brackets and holders

Technosoft End-To-End IoT Specializations & Services


Mechanical Design
Embedded Systems
Connectivity Solutions
Applications and Mobility Solutions
Analytics, Cloud & Security


Consulting / Advisory
Design & Development
Verification and Validation
Certification / Deployment Support

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