Position: Contract

Location: Ripon, WI

DESCRIPTION: This position is directed in design, testing, and implementation of product design changes that are an integral part of the organization’s product improvement process. Addition responsibilities are to review and improve existing component and system integrated designs.


    • Responsible for Sampling, testing and qualifying lower cost materials, while ensuring regulatory standards are maintained.
    • Responsible for product down gaging when appropriate ensuring the following areas are addressed:

 Tooling quotes
 Product quotes
 Mold flow analysis
 Mechanical analysis
 Prototyping
 Product quality
 Design Modifications
 Assembly Part reduction

    • Research and develop lower cost and develop process as cost reduction alternatives.
    • Responsible for product piece consolidation through design refinement and reducing manufacturing costs
    • Responsible for engaging material suppliers to generate their cost savings ideas
    • Track project progress timelines
    • Work with manufacturing department to ensure component and system designs are optimized for manufacturability.
    • Track cost savings, working towards corporate goal setting for cost savings initiatives.
    • Excellent ability to write reports and read technical data, interpret and communicate to team members working on the project.
    • Plans daily activities within the guidelines of company policy, job description, and Supervisor’s instruction in such a way as to maximize personal output.
    • Responsible for keeping own immediate work area in a neat and orderly condition to ensure safety of self and co-workers.
    • Any other duty as assigned by the manager.


    • Must have experience in product design engineering, preferably related to industrial equipment or the appliance field.
    • The use of Pro E (Creo), computer aided design skills are necessary
      Problem solving, and decision-making skills are necessary
    • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team
      VA (Value Analysis) /VE (Value Engineering) experience desired.
    • Familiarization with PPDM or a similar stage gate process is desired.
    • Manufacturing and assembly experience desired.
    • Knowledge and understanding of UL, IEC, and other regulatory agency design validation standards
    • Write design specifications and/or Statement of work.
    • Knowledge of geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T) and ability to competently review drawings is desired.
    • Experience in designing injection molded plastic, stamped sheet metal, extruded and molded rubber and die cast aluminum components is desired.
    • Understanding of process and quality improvement in an ISO 9001 certified facility
    • Knowledge of six sigma methods is a plus
    • Hands on contributor with strong written and oral communication skills.
    • Good working knowledge of PC applications.


    • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology degree is required.


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